• The SOS salve for your skin: Intensive Skin Repair

    When you think of wounds, what comes to mind? Was it the first time you experienced heartbreak...or was it maybe getting stitches? Whether you are ...
  • Understanding Wound Healing

    The process of healing—whether physical or emotional—is a complex one.  Some wounds can be painfully deep like a gaping gash, while others can be ...
  • Nail Fungus Myth

    Nail fungus isn’t contagious. FALSE! Unfortunately, nail/ toenail fungus is contagious. This condition can spread from person to person, and can al...
  • Our Treatment At Length - Nail Fungus

    The idea that only people with poor hygiene can get nail fungus is a misconception. The truth is that anyone can contract nail fungus—even those wi...
  • Eliminate Nail Fungus

    While you can find the word “fun” in nail fungus, this condition is no fun at all. Nail fungus occurs when microorganisms invade the nail(s) and ca...
  • Fun Facts About Ears

    Fun fact #1: Did you know that the ears house the smallest bones in the body? These bones of the middle ear are called the malleus, incus, and s...
  • Have You Heard??? Marie Originals Ear Oil

    I hear you’re taking care of your ears. Congrats on this step! Sounds can be found in every backdrop, from the rushing city traffic and chattering...
  • Cheers To Ear Care!

    Our ears are bombarded with sounds, from blaring music and cars racing by, to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and noisy construction sites. Unless yo...
  • Five Myths and Truths about the Sinuses/ Sinus Discomfort

    The sinuses do not have any known functions. MYTH. The sinuses have a number of roles. For example, they help decrease the weight of the skull, im...
  • Marie Originals Sinus Relief -- Bogged down by clogged sinuses

    Sinus discomfort can make simple tasks suddenly feel draining. With a constant sense of pressure, congestion, and fullness in your forehead, temple...
  • Sigh! Sinisitus, The Menace.

    Sinusitis is a menace. This troublemaker brings me back to memories of living in Grenada, the hidden gem of the Caribbean (and tenth smallest count...
  • Myths & Truths About Joint Discomfort/ Muscle Soreness

    All joint discomfort is caused by arthritis. (MYTH)  Joint discomfort has a number of causes and arthritis is just one of them. Other causes inclu...

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