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Since the introduction of our original poison ivy soap treatment, our company has been at the forefront of a series of far-reaching breakthroughs—and in doing so has become the champion of the raw, safe power of medicinal plants and biomaterials. Through exhaustive IDing and rigorous testing, what has emerged are some of the most powerfully effective therapeutic formulas for some of the most pervasive and irritating common health problems.

Our Mission

To provide safe and effective earth-based bioactive formulas to combat some of the most challenging and pervasive health concerns. We will not rest until proven natural remedies are available as primary over-the-counter options for personal healthcare.

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Our Message

From our humble beginnings on Marie’s 40 acre organic farm, to the giant movement that we are currently fostering, one component has stayed the same throughout: It is our loyal customers who are passionate about our products and mission, that make this project such a success. We promise to never stop our quest to discover groundbreaking treatment solutions that you can rely on. 

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