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Fun Facts About Ears

Fun Facts About Ears

Fun fact #1:

Did you know that the ears house the smallest bones in the body? These bones of the middle ear are called the malleus, incus, and stapes. All together, they are about the size of a dime. In addition, the temporal bone of the inner ear houses one of the hardest bones in the human body. 

Fun fact #2:

Did you know that according to auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), the ear looks like an inverted fetus. Take a look in the mirror and see for yourself! 

(Not-so-)Fun fact #3:

Did you know that the condition vertigo, which causes disequilibrium, and the dizzying, room-spinning feeling, is related to your inner ear balance mechanism. 

Fun fact #4:

Another not-so-fun fact: q-tips can mess with the ear’s natural process of getting rid of ear wax and cleaning the ear. In addition, placing q-tips in the ear canal can push the wax deeper into the ear and possibly damage the eardrum. 

Fun fact #5:

Many animals, including dogs, cats, and different species of monkeys will move their ears in the direction of the sound that they are interested in. 

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