Marie Originals is revolutionizing the OTC space by identifying, researching and acquiring natures healthcare solutions, that match or exceed the efficacy of traditional pharmaceuticals.

We solve health concerns by tackling their root causes.

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Our Company

Since the introduction of our original poison ivy soap treatment, our company has been at the forefront of  far-reaching breakthroughs—and in doing so has become the champion of the raw, safe power of biomaterials. Through exhaustive IDing and rigorous testing, what has emerged are some of the most powerfully effective therapeutic formulas for pervasive health problems.

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Our Mission

To provide safe and effective earth-based bioactive formulas to combat challenging and pervasive health concerns. We will not rest until proven natural remedies are available as primary over-the-counter options for personal healthcare.

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Our Philosophy 

Many over-the-counter medicines only address symptoms, without resolving the root causes of a condition, which leads to a vicious cycle of dependence.

Our approach is focused on researching these root causes, and discovering innovative remedies to end this cycle.

With hyper-targeted formulas, our products safely and effectively address the root causes that lead to uncomfortable symptoms, ensuring lasting relief.


Marie Originals is Born!

It all began when our team of entrepreneurs met Marie, a professional herbalist and soap maker living in Oregon. Fed up with poison oak exposures on her farm, Marie spent dozens of years developing a soap that deactivated poisonous urushiol oils. She began selling the product in local garden centers and educating forestry professionals about the product, and became a legend of sorts in the Grants Pass, Oregon region.

In 2017, we were introduced to Marie and her soap, and were stunned by how significantly the product outperformed the popular poison oak medicines in pharmacies. We partnered with Marie, and knew that if there was a product like this for poison oak, there had to be other little known remedies, that have the ability to help so many people.

Since then, we have dedicated our lives to finding these technologies, and incubating them for national availability. Marie Originals products are availible in over 10,000 retail locations, and have impacted millons of lives. 

Meet Marie. Marie was an herbalist who lived in an area infested with poison ivy in Oregon. The existing poison ivy remedies didn't work for her, so she took matters into her own hands to create her own natural poison ivy remedy.

Our Message

From our humble beginnings on Marie’s 40 acre organic farm, to the giant movement that we are currently fostering, it has remained our loyal customers who are passionate about our mission, that make this project a success.

We promise to never stop our quest to discover groundbreaking treatment solutions that you can rely on.


Marie's Legacy

Marie, a skilled medicinal herbalist from Grants Pass, Oregon, utilized her expertise to tackle the persistent problem of poison oak on her 40-acre farm. Combining her knowledge of herbal medicine with a passion for soap making, she crafted a renowned poison oak soap. Through personal outreach and education at local garden centers, Marie became a legendary figure in her county.


 Marie Originals Today 


10,000+ Retail Locations

Our product are available at thousands of pharmacies, garden centers, and health food stores across the US. 

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4 Ongoing R&D Programs

We have 4 active research projects, bringing groundbreaking research to pervasive health concerns. 

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1500+ Healthcare Providers

Over 1500 healthcare providers are recommending our products, providing  samples and education.

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13 Products

13 Groundbreaking products, that are revolutionizing treatment options for millions of consumers across the globe. 

Our Products

Ongoing Research Programs 

Together with our sister research firm Trulore, we are leading multiple trailblazing research products, advancing groundbreaking healthcare solutions to consumers, industries and government agencies.


Micriobiome-Safe Antimicrobial


Stabilized & Extruded Poison Oak Soap Bar


Th2 Pathway Modulator for Atopic Dermatitis


Maceration Controlling Hydrogel 

Research and Acquisition Focus Areas


Chronic Wound / Clinical Burn Care 


Atopic Dermatitis & Poison Ivy


Austere, Combat and Environmental Medicine


Microbiome-Safe Antimicrobials

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