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The SOS salve for your skin: Intensive Skin Repair

When you think of wounds, what comes to mind? Was it the first time you experienced heartbreak...or was it maybe getting stitches? Whether you are healing physically, emotionally—or a combination of both—healing is a patient process. 

Our Intensive Skin Repair remedy is a nourishing and mega hydrating ointment that is thoughtfully made to support the complex process of skin healing.  Formulated to treat burns, cuts, bedsores, sore nipples, and diaper rashes, our naturally nourishing ointment promotes skin regeneration and tissue repair. Our treatment features a variety of natural compounds that have been used in wound care for centuries, including calendula, sea buckthorn, rosewood oil, vitamin E oil, and st. john's wort.  An all-natural remedy, our treatment provides your skin with the TLC it needs for restoration and repair.


Wishing you happy healing! 

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