Marie Originals Sinus Relief -- Bogged down by clogged sinuses - Marie Originals

Marie Originals Sinus Relief -- Bogged down by clogged sinuses

Marie Originals Sinus Relief -- Bogged down by clogged sinuses

Sinus discomfort can make simple tasks suddenly feel draining. With a constant sense of pressure, congestion, and fullness in your forehead, temples, and behind your eyes (and sometimes your ears, as the sinuses and ears are connected inside your head),  it is no mystery why you are feeling bogged down. You see, one of the functions of the sinuses is to actually decrease the weight in your skull. However, when these air-filled cavities are filled with mucus and gunk, it is normal to feel more weighed down--quite literally.

Whether you are experiencing sinus discomfort and congestion due to the common cold, seasonal allergies, or increased pressure in your sinuses related to air travel, our comforting remedy gives you the relief you need. 

Marie Originals Sinus Rub is formulated to instantly relieve sinus pressure and ease congestion with a calming, cooling feel. Reminiscent of the fresh mountain air, our treatment contains peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus, making each breath feel rejuvenating and refreshing; and when sinus discomfort makes you feel claustrophobic in your own head, this treatment will give you the space to relieve that heavy, uncomfortable feeling, and help you breathe with better ease. Our treatment also contains juniper and clove to support inflamed sinuses and give you fast-acting relief. 

If you are wondering about the best way to use this treatment, here’s the how-to: 

First, you want to test your skin for sensitivity by applying a small amount of the treatment onto your wrist. Be sure to do this before using our remedy for the first time. If you don’t have sensitivity to the treatment, then follow the next steps! Spray approximately 3 pumps of the remedy onto your hands, and then gently dab the treatment onto your forehead and temples. Massage the remedy into your skin in a light, circular motion. Use twice daily or as needed. As a p.s., a little bit of spray goes a long way! 

By the way, I hear you telepathically asking me whether our treatment contains any synthetic ingredients. The answer is, absolutely not! We are free of harsh chemicals, detergents, SLS, phthalates, GMOs, parabens, and artificial dyes and scents. In addition, we are Leaping Bunny certified as a commitment never to test our products on animals. Compassion is our passion.

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