Sigh! Sinisitus, The Menace. - Marie Originals

Sigh! Sinisitus, The Menace.

Sinusitis is a menace. This troublemaker brings me back to memories of living in Grenada, the hidden gem of the Caribbean (and tenth smallest count...

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Marie Originals Muscle and Joint Rub - Marie Originals

Marie Originals Muscle and Joint Rub

When your body feels sore and achy, sometimes life seems to also become heavier. Those simple day to day tasks that you are accustomed to doing now...

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Snap, Crackle, Pop! - Marie Originals

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Have you ever experienced achy joints, or that strange popping sound when you roll your neck? Yikes. It sounds like joint discomfort. Whether you ...

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Marie Originals Advanced Scar Treatment - Marie Originals

Marie Originals Advanced Scar Treatment

Curated with care, our Advanced Scar Treatment is formulated to treat a variety of scars, such as wounds, burns, stretch marks, stitches. Our nourishing remedy helps minimize and prevent the appearance of scarring while moisturizing your skin. 

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