• Marie Originals Muscle and Joint Rub

    When your body feels sore and achy, sometimes life seems to also become heavier. Those simple day to day tasks that you are accustomed to doing now...
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop!

    Have you ever experienced achy joints, or that strange popping sound when you roll your neck? Yikes. It sounds like joint discomfort. Whether you ...
  • Five Myths & Truths About Scars

    Scars form when the deep, thick layer of skin known as the dermis is damaged. TRUE. When a cut, puncture, or other type of wound penetrates the de...
  • Marie Originals Advanced Scar Treatment

    Curated with care, our Advanced Scar Treatment is formulated to treat a variety of scars, such as wounds, burns, stretch marks, stitches. Our nourishing remedy helps minimize and prevent the appearance of scarring while moisturizing your skin. 
  • Just Because You Have Scars Doesn't Mean You're “Scarred.”

    Everyone, it seems, has a different opinion on scars. Some people wear their scars like a proud medallion, while others are happy to let them fade. Regardless of what you decide, scars are nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Five Myths & Truths about Athlete’s Foot

    SAY CHEESE :)Here’s a [not-so-] fun fact: The same bacteria that causes feet to smell like cheese is the bacteria used in making certain types of c...
  • TREAT IT, DEFEAT IT, BEAT IT; Athlete's Foot

    Whether you are super athletic, prefer to curl up on the couch and read books, or vegetate in front of the TV;),  athlete’s foot can make its way i...
  • Common treatments & concerns for Athlete's Foot

    The most common culprit behind athlete’s foot is a class of fungus known as dermatophytes. This type of fungus causes a superficial infection, affe...
  • Got Athlete’s Foot? Walk It Out!

    Athlete’s foot can literally stink. If you remove your shoe and take a nice whiff, you might just smell something funky (*warning: don’t try this o...
  • Myths and truths about bug bites

    Some people think it always hurts while you are being bitten by a bug. The truth is, this is false! Some insects, bed bugs for example, inject a n...
  • Our Treatment at length: Ingredients, benefits.

    Summertime is prime bug season. It is when the mosquitoes await their favorite cocktails made from biting us. Regardless of the insect, bug bites (...
  • Common treatments and concerns for bug bites

    In a recent blog post (Not-so-sweet niblets OUCH. BITES!) I discussed bug bites, and traveling abroad with my sister. To jog your memory, we ended ...

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