Have You Heard??? Marie Originals Ear Oil - Marie Originals

Have You Heard??? Marie Originals Ear Oil

Have You Heard??? Marie Originals Ear Oil

I hear you’re taking care of your ears. Congrats on this step!

Sounds can be found in every backdrop, from the rushing city traffic and chattering in the streets, to the roaring seas and windy desert terrain. Sounds are kind of like different flavors for the ears. Some are more pleasant and sweet like the sound of laughter, and others are more strong (or maybe even sour), like a cranky person complaining. 

Perhaps it seems a little insane to be mixing sounds and tastes, but there’s actually a mysterious phenomenon that only 4% of people on earth have, called synaesthesia, where you experience one of your senses through another. My cousin has a form of this condition, known as color-grapheme synaesthesia. Whenever she hears a sound (i.e. a word or name), she sees a color with it. 


Anyway, whether you are a synesthete or not, it is wise and “sensible” to guard your senses. After all, it makes sense to safeguard what guards us. 

Our ears protect, defend, and care for us on a constant basis, alerting us of warning sounds in the environment, such as smoke alarms, sirens, and the hissing of a snake. Our ears help us maintain postural equilibrium (through the inner ear balance mechanism), and nurture us with nature’s calming sounds. 

At Marie Originals we have created a formula to help you give back to your ears.  Marie Originals Ear Drops are curated to provide your ears with the nourishment and care they deserve. Comprised of earth-derived ingredients including mullein, st. John's wort, and calendula, this treatment gives your ears a healthy dose of TLC, while supporting immunity. This natural remedy can be used daily to support ear health, or periodically for seasonal allergies, to guard against infection, and calm ear sensitivity. 

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