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Myths & Truths About Joint Discomfort/ Muscle Soreness

Myths & Truths About Joint Discomfort/ Muscle Soreness

All joint discomfort is caused by arthritis. (MYTH) 

Joint discomfort has a number of causes and arthritis is just one of them. Other causes include whiplash, TMJ syndrome, and achy joints associated with the flu. 


Muscle soreness after a workout is rare. (MYTH)

Muscle soreness is not uncommon, especially after a heavy workout. In fact, it is  commonly called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and is totally normal. 


Eating anti-inflammatory foods can help relieve muscle soreness. (TRUTH)

Research has shown that eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help you get relief from muscle soreness. This includes ginger, pineapple, and cherry juice.


Gentle exercises can help improve mobility in stiff joints (TRUTH) 

Various low-impact exercises can help increase flexibility, range of motion, and strength. A few examples of low-impact exercises include swimming, walking, yoga, cycling, and water aerobics. 


Massage helps alleviate muscle and joint stiffness/ discomfort (TRUTH)

Massage helps improve circulation, enhance blood flow, and reduce pain.

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