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Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Have you ever experienced achy joints, or that strange popping sound when you roll your neck? Yikes. It sounds like joint discomfort.

Whether you experience sore, tired muscles after a heavy workout at the gym, or achy, creaky joints related to the flu, arthritis, or a sprain, your body is communicating something to you through what you are experiencing physically. 

If your body is speaking to you through the whispers of discomfort and aches, your best bet is to heed its whispers before it has to scream. 

Self-care is a great starting point. The thing is, many people tend to confuse self-care with self-indulgence. So, just to clear the air, self-care does not mean scarfing down a tub of ice cream. Rather, it is about paying better attention to your needs, caring for yourself, and setting an intention to improve your well-being.

Here is a “grab bag” of some self-care ideas to help you get started:

 Feel free to add in your own ideas as well, and please share them in the comments section below! 

  • Improve your sleep hygiene
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Take a break from social media
  • Practice speaking more slowly to calm excess stress hormones 
  • Try some deep breathing techniques 
  • Take a warm bath with essential oils 
  • Remove toxic people from your life
  • Get rid of what you no longer need (i.e. donate old clothes, etc.), and create a space for what you do
  •  Take a walk in the crisp, fresh air
  • watch sunrise for a “reset”
  • Spend time in nature/ outdoors
  • Reach out to a supportive friend 
  • Do some light stretches, yoga, or QI gong 
  • Create a list of affirmations to recite daily 
  • Laugh 
  • Write in a journal 
  • Write down 3 blessings you are grateful for 
  • Drink healing teas  
  • Meditate daily
  • Learn something new 

  • I hope you find something you can integrate into your daily life to help enhance your well-being; and remember, by caring for your body, you care for so much more; after all, your body houses your mind and spirit. When you nurture your “home,” you nurture all that is inside. 

    So, if you are experiencing any clicking, cracking, creaking, or popping sounds in your joints, respond with self-care; and when your muscles and joints are tired, allow them to rest. Give them what they need.

    Care for yourself, you deserve it. 

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