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Five Myths & Truths About Scars

Five Myths & Truths About Scars

Scars form when the deep, thick layer of skin known as the dermis is damaged.

TRUE. When a cut, puncture, or other type of wound penetrates the dermis and damages this layer of skin, a scar generally forms. 


A scar is a scar, and all scars are equal, right?

MYTH. There are many different types of scars, including keloid, acne, and hypertrophic scars. 


A stretch mark is a type of scar.

TRUE. Stretch marks develop when the skin stretches or shrinks rapidly. Stretch marks may appear due to rapid weight loss, weight gain, a sudden growth spurt in teens, or rapid weight gain from pregnancy.


It is possible to completely erase a scar.

MYTH. While it is certainly possible to diminish the appearance of a scar and make it far less visible, there are not yet any treatments to make a scar disappear completely.


Scars can affect range of motion.

TRUE. In some cases, scar tissue can impact the flexibility of the scar and affect a person’s range of motion. However, manual massage, physical therapy, and other exercises may help you improve and regain normal range of motion. 

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