Our Treatment at length: Ingredients, benefits. - Marie Originals

Our Treatment at length: Ingredients, benefits.

Our Treatment at length: Ingredients, benefits.

Summertime is prime bug season. It is when the mosquitoes await their favorite cocktails made from biting us. Regardless of the insect, bug bites (and stings) aren’t fun and often share a common theme: itchy, inflamed skin, and swollen, red, raised bumps at the site of the bite. The good news is, our all-natural Bite Relief treatment has come to the rescue! 

Marie Originals Bite Relief spray is a natural remedy to soothe swelling, itchy skin, and promote healing. A must-have in every home and camping pack, Bite Relief comes in a convenient, portable spray bottle. This easy-to-use remedy provides instant relief due to bug bites or painful stings. Containing a blend of essential oils and herbal ingredients, this treatment is your go-to for effective relief. 

Our Bite Relief remedy contains a variety of all-natural ingredients, including echinacea, apple cider vinegar, and bentonite clay. Echinacea is a powerful herb that soothes skin. It is no surprise that this herb has been used as a key remedy for hundreds of years. Also known as purple coneflower, echinacea helps reduce the swelling and irritation caused by bug bites and stings. 

Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient we use to help ease itching, soothe irritation, and dry out the bite. Apple cider vinegar is also known for its antimicrobial properties and can help you avoid infection from a bite or sting—especially if you have been scratching. 

Speaking of scratching, we do not recommend you do that! If you feel that you must, try gently massaging around the area of the bite; not directly at the site of the bite though. And whatever you do, do not scratch. Now, let’s get back to our ingredients! 

Bentonite clay is another ingredient we use because it is a natural detoxifier. We use this earthy mud to eliminate toxins and irritants that cause swelling and itchy skin. 

We also use bentonite clay for its anti-inflammatory action. After all, inflammation is a major source of pain and itching. Bentonite clay helps calm the itch and soothes irritated skin for lasting relief. 

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