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Myths and truths about bug bites

Myths and truths about bug bites

Some people think it always hurts while you are being bitten by a bug.

The truth is, this is false! Some insects, bed bugs for example, inject a natural substance into your skin that numbs it while they feed. That is how we typically don’t even have a clue while this is happening! In a way, this is good news, because it would be quite shocking to wake up “cuddling” with bed bugs. The bites are often nasty enough that we need not actually see these parasitic suckers (parasitic insects, to be exact) on our skin. That would be a bit too freaky. 


Different bugs can leave different “designs” or trails of bites on your skin—and in different preferred locations.

This is true. Have you ever asked yourself, “what bit me?!”  Well, a major part of identifying the culprit behind your bites is in their pattern & what the bites actually look like. For example, bed bugs tend to bite in a straight line (in groups of three bites), while mosquitoes usually leave irregular patterns. In addition, bed bug bites normally look red, swollen, and have a red center; sometimes bed bugs cause welts that can easily be mistaken as hives. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, often leave a swollen, itchy pink bump on the skin.


Did you know that mosquitoes were found to be more attracted to certain people?

Don’t be flattered. The truth is, mosquitoes have been shown to be more attracted to those with type O blood. If you have type O, run for the hills, ( or better yet, go inside!). In addition to this, a study also found that mosquitoes were more attracted to those who have been drinking beer (whether or not they had type O blood).



Scratching a bite helps relieve the itch, right?

Maybe for that very moment, but not really. In fact, if you scratch your skin, this will make you more itchy! On top of that, you are also prolonging the process of healing and can increase the risk of infection. 


Spiders are not insects.

What? I mean, I always thought they were. The truth is, they are not! Spiders are arachnids, as are scorpions and ticks.

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