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FAQ about Chiggers

FAQ about Chiggers

What are chiggers?

Chiggers are tiny red mites that are in the same family as arachnids (spiders and ticks). Also known as berry bugs, harvest mites, and scrub-itch mites, chiggers are little things that can cause big annoyances. While they may have cute names, they are not especially endearing creatures. A common myth about chiggers is that they burrow into the skin and then remain inside the skin. This simply isn’t true- well that’s what a myth is anyway, right?


What are the main symptoms of chigger bites? 

Chigger bites cause immensely itchy skin. We don’t recommend scratching though, if you can resist. Chigger bites usually cause small red welts on the skin that itch like crazy!


Are chigger bites dangerous? 

The good news is, chigger bites are not dangerous. However, the rash and itchy skin they cause can be incredibly uncomfortable.


Where do these creeping crawlers usually hang out? 

Chiggers can be found in forests (especially the edge of the woods) damp grassy areas, and near streams and lakes all over the globe. While chiggers are most likely to “munch” and bite humans and animals usually toward the end of spring and beginning of the summer, these pesky little creatures can also be around at any time of the year.  


Are chiggers contagious, and how long can they remain on a person for? 

Thankfully, chiggers are not contagious. After a chigger bites and detaches from the skin, it dies soon after. Additionally, chiggers can usually live on the skin for three days at most.

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