Itching for relief? There's hope! - Marie Originals

Itching for relief? There's hope!

Itching for relief? There's hope!

Formulated for children, teens, and adults alike, our gentle, therapeutic soap is designed to relieve itchy skin and help you share the light that you are without an itch standing in your way from being your best self. After all, when you are feeling your best physically, this translates into your emotional, energetic, and spiritual life. When you free yourself from the distracting itch, you reclaim your peace.


Handcrafted with love, Marie Originals Itch Relief Soap is created to allay uncomfortable swelling and inflammation, and calm the itch. Whether caused by chickenpox, chiggers, or other skin irritations, our itch relief soap instantly eliminates the itch while nourishing your skin. 


Here are some key ingredients we use in our soap. Let's start with organic oat bran. This stuff has been used for centuries. In addition to its vitamin E content, what we love most about this ingredient is its versatility and benefit to all different skin types; shoutout to diversity! 


This soap also features Noni, a potent anti-inflammatory herb that is superbly soothing to the skin, and accelerates healing. 


Another herb we use in the soap is called sassafras. This sassy-sounding herb is a bold and powerful antihistamine that effectively eliminates the itch. Gotta love sassafras!


To balance these cheeky herbs, the soap contains bentonite clay, an earthy medicinal mud known for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. Bentonite clay removes toxins and irritants from the skin to effectively relieve itching, swelling, and irritation. This wonder ingredient re-centers you and helps return your skin to its natural state of  balance.

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