The Journey

Marie Originals embodies the remarkable journey of Marie, an Oregon herbalist who was frustrated by ineffective poison oak solutions. Marie embarked on a quest, drawing on her expertise in herbal medicine and firsthand encounters with Oregon's lush forests.

Marie skillfully crafted a unique soap bar format that creates friction, effectively removing the oils of poison ivy and oak. Her poison oak soap garnered tremendous acclaim, captivating local hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts across the West Coast. 

In 2016, as Marie prepared to retire, she formed a partnership with visionary entrepreneurs who shared her commitment to transformative medicine. Entrusting them with her prized soap recipe, Marie Originals came to life.

Marie Originals is Born!

Building upon this success, we further grew the company by identifying other little-known remedies akin to Marie's, which possess remarkable effectiveness for various hard to treat ailments. Our products are recognized category leaders for treatments such as eczema, ear pain, burn care, and more. To view the entire product line, click here.

Marie Originals products can be found anywhere-from your local pharmacy, Walgreens, to Amazon.

We are proud of our roots and excited about what the future holds for Marie Originals. Be sure to check out our store locator to find where in your neighborhood you can find our products.

A history of mixing nature & science.

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Innovating The OTC Market

The over-the-counter category hasn't seen much change in over 50 years. Walk into an aisle in your local pharmacy, and you'll likely see the same products your grandparents searched for to treat the same condition. We've been changing that. 

Marie's Legacy

Marie was a brilliant medicinal herbalist from Grants Pass, Oregon. She owned a 40-acre farm, and got tired of poison oak affecting her family every summer. Marie had a background in herbal medicine and an interest in soap making, so she put the two together and began researching poison oak. Soon she invented her now world-famous poison oak soap, which she spent much of the remainder of her life perfecting.

On a mission to get the word out, she personally went around to all the garden centers within miles, selling the soap and educating the storekeepers on poisonous plants. Soon, everyone in the county knew of her and her soap, and by the time she retired she was practically a legend in the area. 

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