Our Journey

The journey of Marie Originals began with Marie, a herbalist from Oregon who was frustrated with the ineffective poison ivy and oak treatments available. Being an outdoor enthusiast and traditional herbalist who frequently encountered poison ivy in her highly forested surroundings, Marie knew exactly what ingredients were needed to create a powerful solution against the rash caused by poison ivy and oak.

After much experimentation, Marie finally found the perfect blend of herbs that produced the most effective remedy. Her poison ivy and oak soap was so successful that local hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts soon began to seek her out for her amazing solution. Before long, her soap was being stocked by local mom-and-pop shops and eventually made its way across the West Coast.

In 2016, as Marie prepared to retire, she partnered with a team of entrepreneurs who shared her vision for effective medicinal alternatives. Marie entrusted the team with her prized poison ivy soap recipe, and Marie Originals was born.

Marie Originals is Born!

Since then, the company has grown and introduced a variety of new and innovative products, including Acne Soap, Psoriasis & Eczema Soap, Ear Drops, Sinus Relief, Skin Repair Ointment, and more. Today, Marie Originals products can be found anywhere from Amazon to your local CVS, and the company continues to grow. To view the entire product line, click here.

We are proud of our roots and excited about what the future holds for Marie Originals. Our products are available in more and more stores, so be sure to check out our product locator to find where you can purchase our products in your neighborhood. To see where you can find our products, click here.

A history of mixing nature & science.

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Innovating The OTC Market

The over-the-counter category hasn't seen much change in over 50 years. Walk into an aisle in your local pharmacy, and you'll likely see the same products your grandparents searched for to treat the same condition. We've been changing that. 

Marie's Legacy

Marie was a brilliant medicinal herbalist from Grants Pass, Oregon, who owned a 40-acre farm. She started as a farmer, tired of poison oak affecting her and her family. Marie was always interested in homemade soap but began researching poison ivy & oak treatments. Marie studied herbal medicine extensively in the 60s when she put the two together and spent much of her life perfecting the soap. Marie was on a mission to get the word about her soap out there, so she personally went around to all the hardware stores and garden centers within miles, selling them the soap and educating the storekeepers on the item. Building a grassroots movement, everyone in the county knew of her and her soap that by the time she retired, she was practically a legend in the area.