we are.

A powerhouse hybrid of raw power and raw nature, Marie Originals offers targeted, condition-specific pharmaceutical remedies made with 100% pure bioactive plant power.

Built on the legacy and methodology of our founder Marie, recognized for her profound abilities in harnessing powerful combinations of naturally occurring therapeutics to treat a variety of common ailments, we’ve consistently grown and expanded our repertoire and our reach.

we do.

Since the introduction of our original poison ivy soap treatment, our company has been at the forefront of far-reaching breakthroughs, creating safe and effective remedies comprised of medicinal herbs and plant materials. Through extensive research and rigorous testing, what has emerged are some of the most powerfully effective therapeutic formulas for common health concerns.

Marie Originals. It works. And it's 100% natural.

Targeted, lasting relief that’s safe enough, pure enough, and gentle enough for even sensitive skin. And powerful enough, potent enough and certain enough to get the job done — fast.

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