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Marie Originals Poison Ivy Treatment

Marie Originals Poison Ivy Treatment

Our Poison Ivy/ Oak Relief Soap is an all-natural remedy formulated to prevent the spread of urushiol, and treat a rash that has already developed. Designed to provide instant relief from these noxious plants, this treatment contains a therapeutic medley of potent herbs, and an essential oil-infused glycerin base. Among the herbs we use are noni and white willow to allay itching and skin irritation. White willow in particular has been used in natural medicine for centuries due to its powerful yet safe pain-relieving properties. The treatment also contains sassafras root and grindelia, which work in harmony to effectively halt the itch. 

Bentonite clay, one of the key ingredients in our soap, is a must for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. We use pure bentonite clay to eliminate irritants from the skin and halt the progression of irritation. Our soap also features organic oat bran to soothe discomfort and reduce swelling. 


Thoughtfully curated for your skin, we combine all the essential ingredients to help prevent the spread of poison ivy, as well as nourish and accelerate healing. Created with compassion, our soaps are never tested on animals, and are Leaping Bunny certified.


Originally formulated by Marie, a brilliant medicinal herbalist on her 40-acre farm in Oregon, our Poison Ivy/ Oak Relief Soap is guaranteed to be your all-around companion, namely you outdoorsy folks. Whether you are planning a hike, gardening work, or end up spontaneously encountering these pesky plants, be sure you are prepared with Marie Originals Poison Ivy/ Oak remedy. Your skin will thank you. 

Check out our poison ivy/oak/sumac relief soap bar here.


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