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Itch, itch, go away

Itch, itch, go away

Itchy skin can be crazy-making, there is no doubt about it. Sometimes it can feel like you’re overtaken by tunnel vision, where you can think of nothing but relief from the unbearable itch. To get a bit personal here, the most intense episode of itching that I have ever experienced actually landed me up in the hospital. Before you start to panic, this was a rare and bizarre circumstance. When I say rare, I mean close to one in a million (if that brings you any comfort). Thinking back to that experience, I can vividly recall how distressing the itching felt. I remember that I felt ferociously itchy, but was unable to access the itch, as if it was right under my skin; and no matter how much I would scratch, I just couldn't reach it. That’s pretty much what it felt like, from head to toe. Too bad I didn’t yet know about Marie Originals Itch Soap…;) 

If you have ever had an “itch fit,” you understand the level of discomfort that it can cause. An itch is an irritating sensation that can really get under your skin. If you are currently experiencing itchy skin, my heart goes out to you.


Itchy skin, also known as pruritus, can be caused by some kind of irritation, and may accompany a rash, redness, and/ or other skin maladies. The unpleasant sensation of itching may be due to various causes, such as an allergic reaction, skin irritants, chiggers, and chickenpox. The actual sensation of itchy skin is often caused by the body’s release of a chemical known as histamine.


It is normal to want to “itch away” the feeling with a nice round of scratching. However, I do not recommend this. In fact, scratching can actually cause more skin inflammation and—you guessed it—more itching. While I do admit, the temporary relief might be tempting, keep in mind that the word “tempting” shares the same prefix as: temporary. Don’t succumb to the temptation; it’s not worth it!


Here are some healthier ways to cope:

Calm is a super power. It’s easy to go insane from an itch that’s driving you up the wall. Harness the art of calm with techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and EFT (EFT is a holistic tapping technique used by many people for pain relief, including professional athletes and even Olympic athletes!).


Cool your skin! ICE WORKS;) Try placing an ice cube on the area to reduce swelling, inflammation, & chill that itch.


Take a tepid shower. Lukewarm water is the most skin-soothing temperature to help relieve itchy skin. Your best bet is to go with a “happy medium”  shower temperature—not too hot—not too cold.

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