Nail Fungus Myth

Nail Fungus Myth

Nail Fungus Myth

Nail fungus isn’t contagious.

FALSE! Unfortunately, nail/ toenail fungus is contagious. This condition can spread from person to person, and can also spread from one of your nails to other nails. 

Nail polish gets rid of the fungus.

THIS IS A MYTH. Although the aphorism “ignorance is bliss” may ring true, just because you cannot see the fungus does not mean it isn’t there. If you would like to get rid of the fungus, you need to actually treat it—not just hide it. However, if your goal is purely aesthetic, then covering your nails/ toenails with polish can help improve the look of your nails. 


If your nails are discolored and conform to a funky shape, it means you definitely have nail fungus.

FALSE. Sometimes, your nails can take on a weird shape or become discolored for other reasons. This can be due to nail trauma, or a nail deformity from frequently wearing pointy, tightfitting shoes. 


Nail fungus goes away on its own without treatment.

THIS IS A MYTH. Nail fungus does not go away on its own. If nail/ toenail fungus is left unaddressed, the fungal infection could worsen and spread to other nails. 


Nail/ toenail fungus is the result of unsanitary habits.

FALSE. This condition can affect anyone, including people with an immaculately clean personal hygiene. When it comes to contracting nail/ toenail fungus, it often comes down to risk factors. A few examples of risk factors include: individuals with preexisting diabetes or athlete’s foot, and people who go for a pedicure at a salon that does not properly sanitize their equipment.   

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