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Marie Originals Advanced Scar Treatment

Marie Originals Advanced Scar Treatment

When you think of scars, what comes to mind? Is it stretch marks, stitches, or maybe the remnants of a healed wound? When I think of scars, the first thing I think of is the (*supposedly) shatterproof glass showerdoor that shattered on me. Yikes! That certainly was a scare, and led to some scarring on my wrist and arm. Thankfully though, Marie Originals Advanced Scar Treatment has been a helping hand on my journey toward healing.

 If you would like to learn a little more about Marie Originals Advanced Scar Treatment, you’re invited to read further:  

Curated with care, our Advanced Scar Treatment is formulated to treat a variety of scars, such as wounds, burns, stretch marks, stitches. Our nourishing remedy helps minimize and prevent the appearance of scarring while moisturizing your skin. 

This all-natural remedy is carefully handcrafted with herbs and essential oils, giving it a pleasant earthy scent. With a boost of calming calendula and evening primrose,  this treatment helps reduce scarring and supports skin regeneration. Rich in vitamin E and shea butter for their high antioxidant properties, the ointment soothes and accelerates healing of scars. The remedy also contains jojoba oil which promotes healthy skin and encourages skin cells to rebind. Fun fact: Out of all compounds found in nature, jojoba oil is the most similar to human sebum (the waxy oil that our skin’s sebaceous glands produce), making it supremely suitable for balancing and supporting healing of the skin. Handcrafted with love, our Advanced Scar Treatment accelerates repair and rejuvenates your skin—safely, smoothly, and naturally. 

Created with compassion, this salve is free of SLS, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, gluten, petroleum, and artificial dyes and scents. In addition, our remedy is proudly Leaping Bunny Certified to guarantee our commitment not to test our products on animals. 

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