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Five Myths & Truths about Athlete’s Foot

Five Myths & Truths about Athlete’s Foot

Here’s a [not-so-] fun fact: The same bacteria that causes feet to smell like cheese is the bacteria used in making certain types of cheeses. Hmm..I wonder if feet smell like cheese, or if cheese smells like feet. Okay. I’ll stop here. I don’t want to SPOIL your love for cheese (especially if you’re a real “dairy-queen” or king ;). Moving right along now. If your feet have a foul odor, you 100% have athlete’s foot, right? X on the buzzer. Wrong! Bromodosis (the medical term for smelly feet) is a super common condition that is caused by an accumulation of sweat, and leads to stinky smelling bacteria on the skin (or fungus, as in the case of athlete’s foot). Although foul smelling feet can come along with athlete’s foot, this symptom alone does not guarantee you have the condition.


Crumbling toenails. Not so appetizing, eh? In more serious cases of athlete’s foot people can experience crumbling toenails, and toenails that can even fall out. While uncommon, athlete’s foot can spread to one or more nails and cause nail fungus. True story...and the moral of the story? Be proactive in addressing your athlete’s foot so that it doesn’t have the time to “get its foot in the door,” and cause complications.


Doomed or Determined? Yes, it is true that a number of factors can increase a person’s risk of developing athlete’s foot. This includes people with particularly sweaty feet, and those who wear tight-fitting shoes for prolonged periods. Other predisposing factors include those with circulation issues in the legs, some types of sports (i.e. swimming and running), and immunosuppressed individuals. However, with a dash of determination, preventative measures can go a long way!  Athlete’s foot doesn’t ever have to be defeated if you’re careful not to get it in the first place. 


Identity crisis? When athlete’s foot is characterized by dryness and scaling of the soles and up along the sides of the foot, it can easily be mistaken for dry skin or eczema. The thing is, friends, athlete’s foot is a different kind of menace. Go over the signs and symptoms of athlete’s  foot for a better idea of whether or not you have this condition. 


FOOTBALL MYTH ALERT: Okay, fine. I admit it; I’ve conjured up the following myth. In my defense, maybe someone in the world thinks this is true (… I figured it’s worth clarifying:D).  Here it goes: 

“Foot-ball” players are the only athletes that ever get athlete’s foot.

FALSE! Many different types of athletes are prone to this condition due to various contributing factors, such as wearing tight-fitting shoes, sweaty socks (and feet that pretty much live in a fungus-friendly environment) for hours on end. The truth is, anyone can get athlete’s foot—from sports enthusiasts to couch pota-toes (cheesiest pun of all: pota-TOES. I know! ). 

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