Five FAQs About Our Treatment for Athlete's Foot

How does Marie Originals Athlete’s Foot Spray work? 

Our herbal Athlete’s Foot Relief Spray is an all-natural treatment designed to soothe itchy, cracked feet and eliminate odor while promoting a rapid recovery. This earth-derived remedy contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that work together to combat athlete’s foot. Among them are: echinacea for its antifungal properties, as well as apple cider vinegar for its cleansing and antifungal action. The treatment also contains bentonite clay for its detoxifying and skin-soothing properties, in addition to a therapeutic blend of essential oils (with anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties). 


What are the directions for treatment application? 

This treatment is super easy to apply. Just shake well before use and then apply the spray to the bottom of your feet, taking extra care to spray between the toes. Use twice daily until your symptoms fully resolve. *As an additional tip, we recommend wearing well-ventilated shoes and clean socks every day (change more frequently if your feet are very sweaty). 


Does this remedy contain any synthetic ingredients?

Nope. We are naturally natural, and naturally do not contain synthetic ingredients. And, in case you may be wondering...we  stay natural. Marie Originals is absolutely free of SLS, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, petroleum, and artificial dyes and scents. We are proud to be “original” and select only ingredients found in nature. 


Is this remedy tested on animals? 

Absolutely not. Our Athlete’s Foot Relief Spray is handcrafted with love and created with compassion. We are Leaping Bunny certified to guarantee that our products have never been tested on animals. 


Is Marie Originals Athlete’s Foot Spray recommended for use on fungal infections of the scalp?

This remedy is not indicated or recommended for use on your scalp. Our Athlete’s Foot Relief Spray is specifically formulated to address tinea pedis (athlete’s foot). This treatment should only be used for athlete’s foot, with adherence to the directions listed on the packaging. 

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