Five FAQ about our Bite Relief Treatment

Can I use Bite Relief for bee stings? 

Yes. Once you have removed the stinger, you can apply the treatment. However, if you happen to have a severe allergy to bee stings (i.e. labored breathing, swelling of the throat and tongue) seek immediate medical attention. 


How does Bite Relief treat bug bites?

It treats bug bites with care :D In all seriousness though, Bite Relief contains a variety of therapeutic ingredients that help relieve the stinging and burning associated with insect bites. This natural treatment has anti-inflammatory properties to calm inflammation and reduce itching. The remedy also contains a natural detoxifier to eliminate skin irritants that cause itchy, swollen skin. 


Can I use bite relief if I have been bitten by a snake? 

Our treatment is formulated for relief from insect bites and is not indicated for snake bites. If you have been bitten by a snake, stay calm and seek immediate medical help. Whether you think the snake is poisonous or not, you should treat it as an emergency. On the other hand, insect bites generally cause only minor discomfort and are not dangerous ( unless you are severely allergic to a bite/ sting). 

Does Bite Relief contain any synthetic ingredients?

Absolutely not. Marie’s Original remedies are guaranteed, all-natural. We stay away from the synthetics, and use only pure, natural ingredients. We are loyal to mother nature. 


Should I scratch my skin after applying the Bite Relief? 

Oh dear, no!  Scratching will not help relieve itchy skin. In fact, scratching a bug bite can tear the skin and lead to an infection. Just apply the Bite Relief and allow it take action and give your skin the relief it deserves! 

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