Five FAQs About Marie’s Acne Control Soap

Finding the right Acne Control Soap, or acne treatment can be a challenge. We believe the best way to find the best treatment for you starts with education and information, which is why we love to answer your questions! Here are the top 5 FAQS about our Acne Soap:

1) Does Marie Originals Acne Soap exfoliate skin?

Yes, our acne control soap bar has a two-sided action. The bottom of the bar is smooth and is used for lathering the treatment onto the skin. The top of the bar, however, is coarse and saturated with oat bran, which acts as a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliant for your skin.  This way you can choose the treatment that gives you the most relief, and best results.


2) Where are Marie Originals soaps made?

All of Marie Originals products, including our Acne Soap are developed and handcrafted in the USA, by our artisans with love.


3) Where can I purchase the Acne Control Soap?

Our soaps can be found on the shelves of hundreds of independent stores, natural food stores, and pharmacies across the US. You can always search in our "Store locator" to find a location near you! You can also purchase online, through Amazon, retailer e-commerce sites, and naturally, on our website.


4) Is there an age range for safely using the soap?

Our acne control soap is primarily used by teenagers and adults with acne, but all the ingredients are safe and can be used for all ages.


5) Does my skin need to adjust to the treatment?

The therapeutic soap removes toxins from the skin which can sometimes cause breakouts when the oils and dead skin cells reach the surface of the skin.  Don’t worry! That’s part of the healing process. The outbreak usually ceases after a couple of weeks of treatment, leaving the skin moisturized and smooth.



Do you have a question you'd like answered? Write it in the comments below!


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